The Team

The Team

Dr David Cousins

Dr Cousins is an MRC Clinician Scientist and Consultant Psychiatrist working in the field of academic psychiatry. His research is focussed on lithium and aims to integrate various approaches to better understand its effect on the brain.


Dr Fiona Smith

Dr Smith is a core physicist at our research centre and is principally involved in the development of lithium magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

The Scanners...

Carol Smith and Louise Morris are our two senior radiographers. They keep us in order on the days we are scanning, and also on the days we aren't. Louise is to blame for the name Team Lithium.

Dr Richard McQuade

Dr McQuade is our link to the basic sciences, helping us understand lithium's behavioual effects at a cellular level.


Dr Yujiang Wang

Dr Wang is a Career Research Fellow in the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University. She is a collaborator for data analysis and computational methods.


Carly Bennett

As a Research Assistant with a background in neuropsychological assessment and administration, Carly's involved with recruiting and screening potential participants (and managing the website!).


Amy-Rose Hayes

Amy-Rose is also a Research Assistant, with a background in administering psychological assessments with adults and children. She is involved in screening and data collection, and making sure that the projects run smoothly!


Joe Necus

Joe is a PhD student in Translational Neuroscience and is funded by the Reece Foundation. Joe is involved in performing neuroimaging analysis to investigate the relationship between brain lithium distribution and therapeutic response.


Morgan Irving

The most recent addition to our team, Morgan is a Psychology student in Newcastle University undertaking a professional placement with us as part of her undergraduate degree. She will be working on the BLISS study and will be helping set up some exciting new collaborative projects.


We also have several collaborations, both nationally and internationally.




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