Institute of Neuroscience,

Newcastle University


Dr Pete Thelwall

Dr Thelwall works at the interface of physics and biology, developing and applying new non-invasive MRI methods to study the human body. His skills have helped us to develop ways of measuring brain lithium concentration without having to take biopsy samples.



Department of Psychology,

Durham University


Dr Mike Burt

Applying innovative analysis techniques to facial perception tasks before and after lithium.



Institute of Psychiatry,

King's College London


Dr Tony Vernon

Sharing our fascination with the effects of lithium on brain structure, he combines imaging and basic science techniques.


Dr Mitul Mehta

Our touchstone for all things fMRI.



Department of Neuroscience,

UBC, Vancouver, Canada


Kelly Butts

Conducting basic science research which informs our dopaminergic models of mania.

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The International Consortium on Lithium Genetics works to facilitate high quality analysis of lithium treatment response data, with the aim of defining a phenotype of lithium response. With similar research interests, Dr Cousins has joined the collaboration, representing the UK within the group.